Angelina SUPER COMPILATION 🤣 Best of: Jersey Shore | #AloneTogether

From the moment she arrived at the Jersey Shore, Angelina was unforgettable. Between her dramatic departures, roommate fights, and, um, gross habits, there’s a lot about Angelina to rewatch and relive.

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40 pensamientos sobre “Angelina SUPER COMPILATION 🤣 Best of: Jersey Shore | #AloneTogether

  1. Frustrating Fr. Its not even "Jenny and Angelina". It's literally Jenny nitpicking and bullying Angelina while Angelina is defending herself yet being talked over.
    Seriously Deena and Snooki frustrated me too because they are literally there watching it seeing Jenny pick at Angelina, its Jenny going to at …not both of them.
    She's not going to blame her boy toy and ask him not to flirt with her roommates. Instead get jealous, blame Angelina and show him he can get away with whatever he wants and she's got his back.

    She's always been envious about Angelina

  2. I never likes angelea but everyone really bullied her. Jwow is the reason why every girl fights in the house. And Sammy isn't so innocent she is not so sweet.

  3. Usa is kinda crazy..snooki in southamerica would be lickin the floor, and in usa she managed to survive on j.s. and oops hops on to diva like haha, awesome actress like with jionni, she cheated twice her way to him, and the other idiot gives her kids hahah, these women like snooki are everywhere these days

  4. I can’t stand Vinny, she bangs Vinny
    I can’t stand Mike, she bangs Mike,
    I can’t stand Pauly, she bangs Pauly

    😂 I mean at least she’s honest about just “wanting to get pounded out” 😂

  5. ive noticed after watching jersey shore a lot, snooki sucks at fighting.. shes all bark but all she does is fall on the floor, fail, and then throw things

  6. #1 In my opinion, Angelina allowed 24 to touch her. If it was me, I would have been like excuse me sir, NO. Angelina on the other hand is denying she did nothing wrong. 24 was wrong too, but as her friend, she should have had enough respect for Jenni to stop him.

  7. I think somehow everyone got the bully role against that girl. I mean I didn’t like Angelina more than anyone else, but she wasn’t the worst as they all tried to picture her. I’m not sure, I just see everyone bullying the girl.

  8. Angelina she was fun to watch was annoying in the beginning
    Jenni was annoying and trying to get away with everything by beating everyone up
    snooki was fake and a hypocrite
    Denna let's people run her over
    Ron shouldn't be taking
    Vinny is Vinny
    Pauly just sides with whoever rides his peen
    mike was in jail for fraud and shouldn't be talking about others mistakes
    I think everyone is scared of Jenni and that's why they let her run her mouth for so long 😒

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