Back to Seaside! 🌊 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

To celebrate getting their own holiday, the fam heads back where it all started — but will drama ruin the occasion? Jersey Shore Family Vacation is all new Thursdays at 8p ET on MTV!

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All your favorite moments with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation.

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45 pensamientos sobre “Back to Seaside! 🌊 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. Angelina is just an insecure washed up D list celeb. She’s not even worth mentioning. She claims to be the one who carried the show when she’s the one who kept leaving the show. To the point where everybody forgot about her while everyone got better she’s still in the same spot.

  2. They all just need to refuse to film with her as a collective and she’s gone. Sammi is back and so is Ron, they have all the OGs there’s no need for Angelina anymore. She is not and will not ever be one nor will she ever be a part of their inner circle no matter how hard she tries.

  3. Okay I do generally like Angelina, but why does she keep mentioning that she brought Sammi on the show…🤔

    She didn't lol! Sammi brought herself, without Sam's agreement then she wouldn't be there. But now I see why so many comments mention Sami was there first. And saying she can take her off the show…..what!!?
    They all have the equivalent position, which they are on a show…that does not belong to Angelina. From the start they had to work and Ange left because she didn't want to, the rest of them stayed. I'd honestly like to see Angelina do as she says because that's ridiculous. I liked Angelina but seriously after hearing how she speaks at Sammi, she's showing her true colours. If we're going to be honest, Snooki, Jwoww and Sam definitely have more of a chance of getting Angelina cut. What would make Angelina think that she has any authority over Sam…….because she persuaded Sam to come…..seriously Angelina has p*ssed me off 😂

  4. Ang seems to have ADD, trauma, and dysfunction in her family… just leave her alone! She's not a bad person. Most normal people with that background would respond the same. She's had a normal response to abnormal situation.

  5. Please please please get rid of angelina.. she is the most childish jealous annoying thing i have ever witnessed.. i actually mute her when she comes on screen

  6. Sammi is more of an OG than Angelina will ever be. Angelina may have been in family vacation more than Sammi, but Sammi was apart of the original way more. When you think of the Jersey Shore cast, you think of Sammi over Angelina.

  7. Angelina miserable. She gon trip over luggage 😭wow “I Dm’ed you thinking you were gonna be a friend to me , at least help me with my luggage ☠️

  8. Angelina thinks she's a queen, it's annoying. Everyone was excited when Sam came back, no one was when you did, you were a prank. Sam has no obligation to you, everyone else found their way to the vans. And yet Angelina has found ANOTHER petty reason to start drama with ANOTHER room mate. She's had problems with everyone since she's came back, even the significant others. Train wreck.

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