Caught On Camera: Earthquake Rattles New Jersey Home On April 5

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33 pensamientos sobre “Caught On Camera: Earthquake Rattles New Jersey Home On April 5

  1. Decades ago, i was halfway exiting my front door. The parking lot had a wave. Our concrete building started to shiver. All i could do was back up, not even look back and sit down. A minute or three? No thinking, just instinct.

  2. 身處地震帶我。。

  3. I was in the 2018 7.3 Alaska quake. My dogs knew a minute before it happened. They frantically ran to the back door and wanted out. As soon as I closed the sliding door and walked back into the living room, the entire house violently shook.

  4. That looks to me like two explosions underground that were deliberately detonated to make it feel like an earthquake I live in California I know what earthquakes do and what they feel like those to me were not earthquakes.

  5. That was scary as hell I'm from NJ and in all my years never experienced an earthquake! Animals are so amazing though, my cat put all 4 claws in the carpet after jumping down from her cat house that's when it started so she ran upstairs underneath the bed!

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