Maple Leafs Media Availability | Postgame vs New Jersey Devils | April 11, 2024

Players and Coach speaks with the media following the Leafs 6-5 loss to the New Jersey Devils on Thursday.

00:00 – Auston Matthews
04:14 – Max Domi
06:32 – John Tavares
08:41 – Joel Edmundson
10:57 – Sheldon Keefe

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50 pensamientos sobre “Maple Leafs Media Availability | Postgame vs New Jersey Devils | April 11, 2024

  1. Max has got the PASSION! I hope he injects that PASSION into the whole team. Why isn't Bert on PP1 like he owns the front of the net and that will be key come playoff time. Pls no more Willy on Pk he won't block or get in the way of shots. I've noticed several times this happening and leading to scoring chances and goals this could be a HUGE factor in rd 1. Max Bert mcmann reavo marner Kamp holm dewar all capable pk. Teams that win in the playoffs are the teams that are willing to sacrifice, u need to sacrifice for playoff success.

  2. I'm tired of post game players and keefe saying 'obviously' this and that. And no one addresses the 'obvious.' NJ had 3 goals in 4 power plays. In each penalty all four Leafs players just made a box, and stayed there pretending they're the goalie, while NJ had enormous time and space and passed and passed and set up their shooter. Good grief.

  3. I can see why they are splitting up the 4 core players. The past shows you shut down the 1st line in the playoffs. Then the leafs lose….again. Last year with Florida the key guys only scored 3 goals in 5 games. Look at Dallas they are in first place More goals scored then Toronto and less goals scored against. They have 4 lines that play hard. Dallas only has one player in the top 50 scoring. But they have 8 players with 20 goals or more. ( and no players paid over $10 Million ) Toronto only 4 players with 20+ goals. If the leafs can spread out the scoring they have a much better chance of winning. It's amazing that Matthews is closing in on 70 goals. But Florida or Boston will definitely now make it really tough on him to keep it up. That's when the others need to step up and add more goals. There was a stretch when Matthews wasn't scoring. The leafs had 33 goals and Matthews only had 3…. but they were still winning. Florida is playing tough stingy hockey of late. They have 3 shutouts in the past 4 games. They will need EVERYONE to help win this first series. Fingers crossed 🙂

  4. Pk, pp, defense, and goaltending tonight against NJD, simply just not good enough! With 3 games remaining and the playoffs beginning in 8 days the Leafs have a lot of areas of there game to fine tune, if they want to get past the first or second round of the playoffs? Papi #34 and his line mates, the ONLY bright spot tonight.

  5. In the offseason I was asked if I was Leafs GM who would I sign first two names out of my mouth were Domi and Bertuzzi. Not only did the mad lad Tre go out and do that but he beefed up the d corps too, loving it. We've seen they can play playoff hockey and if they do that nobody should scare them. My biggest concern is the inevitable one sided officiating, I already have the games Wes Macauley is officiating marked as losses. They're gonna be given penalties for nonsense no matter what they do so might as well take them for crushing the other team physically than a chinsy stick tap.

  6. At least the coach has a brain and recognized domi was playing well and taking himself out of the game for 17 minutes (over absolutely nothing) disrupts the bench and flow of the game. Too bad the fans are all a bunch of insecure bullies.

  7. Imagine having a captain on your team that COMPLETELY screwed over his previous franchise and thinking the hockey gods will allow you to have any success ever?

  8. Shout out to the announcers that called the game last night. How about maybe focus on winning the game than talking about how many goal AW34 is going to get?

  9. Leafs gotta grow a pair. Stick with your team through ups and downs, not just through sunshine and rainbows. I love what the team has developed into. They will bounce back even stronger next game.

  10. Brodie is responsible for the first goal against and then Giordano chips in with another goal against and Samsonov can’t stop a beach ball flopping around always looking behind himself, but the worst moment was when Robertson scores a beauty that is called back because he doesn’t have the sense to stay onside when on the other side of the ice and not involved in the play.

  11. Nylander was as good as Matthews until Keefe put him on the 3rd line. That feels like a waste. Maybe switch Matthews to the 3rd line if he is so much better than Nylander? I know all is about reaching 70, but the 3rd line isn’t working offensively.

  12. I have a dream that one day in every press interview, and every leafs media availability video, microphones shall be directed towards the mouth of the journalist, and all the questions shall be heard! And all the fans, with the blue jersey, and with the white jersey will be able to join hands and sing the words " Hear at last! hear at last Thank God Almighty! We can hear at last!"

  13. A little sloppy ! When is the last time you gave up that many goals ?
    It was TOTALLY sloppy !
    You do this again you might not make the playoffs !
    There is a chance wings get in , tampa gets in , panthers get in , Bruins get in , and Leafs are onthe outside, saying what went wrong ?
    Well the answer is SLOPPY lazy play !
    Now you MUST beat the Wings to stay in contention !
    And it's not like you weren't ready for this game, you were !
    I am VERY dissapointed with you that you lost this game !
    Your makeing it hard on your selfs !

  14. Seeing the effect this kind of team first reaction is having on the Leafs should serve as a warning to any other front office that unduly relies on watching games on a spreadsheet.

  15. Samsonov is god awful. 4 goals against in 7 shots is horrendous at this level no matter what excuse is given. Doesn't help that most of the goals were shot straight at him, in line of sight.

  16. Not a great game by the buds. At this point, I really dont care though. I just care about the playoffs. If the Leafs dont show serious progress this playoffs, we could see a very different team next fall.

  17. 😳 🤦🏻‍♂Well, that was embarrassing. They will lose 4-0 against the Panthers with that BS defensive coverage. It's always the same… just when you think they are doing good, they pull shit like this and breakdown in the D zone and the Panthers know it and will exploit it to the hilt.

  18. Domi, Bert and Papi are tough…Love the line up. Domi standing up!!! Tough night for Sammy, but he was left out to dry a couple of times….Hard to lose when you dominate play, but that's hockey sometimes.

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