Meanwhile… Eclipse Glasses Recall | New Jersey Beach Trash | Nutmobile Drivers Wanted

Meanwhile… We might know why your eyes hurt after watching the eclipse, New Jersey beaches are littered with some strange discarded items, and the Planters Nutmobile is seeking skilled drivers for a cross-country tour.

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39 pensamientos sobre “Meanwhile… Eclipse Glasses Recall | New Jersey Beach Trash | Nutmobile Drivers Wanted

  1. Hey, if the aisle is totally crowded with disembarking passengers and you have to go, what else are you going to do? Next time, just piss right there by your seat, that will piss them off.
    If they complain, just say hey, I don't want to get fined.

  2. Get your Bachelor tv show EAR fixed, if you wish to post bad news to everyone on this earth. Not funny at all ever. give your prosthetic ear the same respect you would do to your viewers.

  3. Who knows the sound of peeing in a cup? Just about any man who’s ever had to take a drug test (for employment reasons) would know that sound!

  4. Just a friendly reminder that Wimer Valderrama was dating a 16 year old when he was 20. He also bragged about taking her virginity, even though he hadn't. Gross. Absolutely disgusting.

  5. How can you be allowed to recall eclipse-viewing glasses, thats like issuing a recall for a hazmat suit when people are already working in them inside of virology labs…. The company that made the glasses needs to no longer be a company…

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